Thursday, October 25, 2007

XY... let's call him Zed!

Yay! A pert triangle appeared between two femurs (we were looking up from underneath).

I feel prepared for another boy.

Except we were going to name the baby Charlotte.

So, did somebody mention names?
Here are our requirements:
1. It can't be very high on the most popular names list. I really liked that there was never another Miriam in my class at school. In fact the only other I've ever really interacted with socially was a gospel pianist in Madison and she was such a hoot. Plus I was there first so everyone called her by her full name, and I got to be the original. Like they said on House the other day, she was Miriam Lite.

Because of my love for difference, if I were a single mom my kids would have fruit nuts names. I love Asher and Ezra. Aren't they lucky they have Jonathan on their side?

2. If it shortens, it's gotta be a good nick. Richard just seems cruel. We liked Charlotte, but Charles is iffy because then it becomes Chuck. Cute in Peanuts, but in real life ew.

3. It does NOT have to be biblical, even though the ones I mentioned liking tend to be and Tobias sort of is.

Boys are sweet! Getting hugged by the tiny ones is so lovely. And they are easier to diaper, so there we go. Yay for boys!

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