Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Toby!

Yesterday Toby turned two.

He's quite the kiddo, and becoming more him week by week. Right now his funniest habits are:
1. saying No to almost any question, and following up with an extremely serious, slow and prolongued head-shaking,
2. repeating any random words that catch his interest
and 3. acting out anything sharp-hot-dangerous by saying "No Touch, Sharp, heh-huh-heh-huh" with that last thing being him breathing in and out dramatically. It almost sounds like a donkey braying softly. I know what you're all thinking and yes, he must get all his drama from his daddy.

I made a ridiculous train cake with a poured sugar lake and cupcakes on the side. It was a hoot, and I would totally do it again.

Toby is so incredibly set for trains and train accessories. The grandparents on both sides provided an insane amount of toys and the table for him. Setting it up and unveiling it was the most fun I've ever had giving a gift, and it wasn't even technically from me.

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