Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Works for Me!

I've recently discovered a blog called Rocks in My Dryer. The author has a great thing going, where every Wednesday she hosts a blog carnival called Works for Me Wednesday, and people post suggestions on how to make life a little easier. I love going through the links- it usually takes me a couple days to get through the ones that catch my fancy. Plus, how smart is she with the idea-generating and hosting?

So here's my first post for WFMW.

Two year old Toby is tall enough and smart enough that he's now able to open our front door on his own, even when I lock the deadbolt. And as I like my heart to beat in a generally steady pattern, undisturbed by the whoosh of realization that he has escaped and is careening toward the street much faster than this pregnant lady can waddle, something had to be done. We'd rather not mess with installing any additional locks, lasers or stunning devices, so when this excellent set of bells came to me at Christmas, I knew just what to do.

He plays with them occasionally, yes, but after the first few days I expect he'll forget about them and they will only jingle when he's on the run. It's the jingle + silence that you're dreading listening for, anyway.

Any kind of bells would work, and if you are really smart and attach them (maybe with a wreath hook?) high up, the kid couldn't even fake you out by playing with them. Jingling bells would forever make your heart stop just a little, too!

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