Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New means perfect, Part II

I really didn't forget to set goals in the two remaining areas of my life in 2008: God and Viola. (Not to be confused with Viola God, though I've known a few who surely thought they deserved that title...)

So far I've made a bit of progress.
*I got Toby into the Kiddie Exploration class at the community center (Friday morning alone time, here I come!)
*I've kept writing down every single thing we spend in my little blue book.
I haven't been doing much in my Health department except maybe eat a little less sugar, partly because I seem to get more contractions when I run around too much and mostly because you can't make me. That'll come when there's just one of us in this body and I'm cool with that for now.

Finally Internet, without further ado, here are the final two categories...

1. Maintain some kind of weekly study or devotional, written by somebody smart, because I need structure and like to feel I've finished stuff.
2. Read some theology by John Piper (in progress!), N.T. Wright and add some as the year goes on. (Tiffany? I know I keep asking for the same recommendations, but?...)
3. Get a mom's group going again at my house.

1. Assess and rewrite goals monthly.
2. Schedule lessons with colleagues. Aim for two per month.
3. Assess and rewrite goals for Nocturna monthly including; recitals, arrangements.
4. Get published- thesis, other article ideas.

This past week has been productive.

On the viola front, I made some little recordings of stuff with my pianist Anne and realized after listening to one that I rather liked it. Whoa! Recording is hard and there are usually cringing moments or if-only's in each one. The illusion that you can just keep recording until it's perfect creeps in and you take fewer chances. Pretty soon you aren't thinking much about expression, but are focused on technical issues or hoping you can keep your concentration and make it to the end of the take. I think being pregnant makes me more practical: I am in a do-what-I-can-and-be-pleased-with-that mode.

Homewise, I'm proud to say I am on a long streak of cooking all our meals (except date nights!). We're sticking to our budget prototype and with the glut of Christmas I don't feel I need to shop for anything more right now.

I think this organizing and being practical streak is my version of nesting.

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