Thursday, January 03, 2008

New means perfect, right?

I'm trying to take stock and work on some goals for the new year. For some reason I think I'm too good for the word "resolutions" which has the scent of desperation and futility to it in my mind, but basically that's what I'm making.

Do you do resolutions? Do you think about this stuff at the new year? Do you feel vaguely uneasy about things you didn't finish in 2007 and your ability to get it together in '08? What's your strategy? Hmm? Hmmmmmm?

So far there are five areas I'm able to consider: Health, Parenting, Home, Viola and God.

The first three are relatively easy.
Health: I'd like to get back to regular running (walking for now with my enormous belly), sign up for three fun runs of at least 10K, and maintain a food diary. These are all doable with a kid or two nearby and on minimal sleep.

Parenting: Get Toby into some activities as long as he seems to like them: sign up for a swim class for now, and try out the Friday preschool at the community center. I also want to take a monthly photo, either with the same background and pose or with some artsy and embarrassingly goofy pose. Gotta get it while the getting's good, I always say, and he's too little to roll his eyes yet.

Home: Stick to writing out all expenditures. Work on some sweet (intense!) paint color-schemes whether we end up staying here or moving. Amass a personal cookbook with everyday recipes- not too many ingredients, not too futsy.

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