Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sling 'em up, boys!

Well, our night out turned into a date night when we arrived at J's friend's place because they're battling pink eye and not up to a dinner night. Honestly, it was lovely anyway. We ate a great dinner and watched Firewall.

The movie was a good standard action/thriller. The thing is, there were a couple scenes where I allowed myself to be totally manipulated. One showed a mom watching her son experience anaphylactic shock due to a food allergy. This hit close to home since I both know what it would feel like to lose your breath and can now imagine (barely) the horror of seeing that happen to my son. Geez, I hope Toby doesn't end up with any of these ridiculous allergies.
Class at church today was especially yummy. Dan recapped for us, which was even better for me since I had missed 3 classes. We talked about Derk Pereboom's article, "Life Without Free Will". At the end of the discussion, which covered the fact that Pereboom doesn't believe we are morally responsible for our actions, it was revealed he's Christian. He even has another article with the word "grace" in the title which I now really want to get my grubby little hands on. Because wh-huh?!!


I've been thinking more thoughts than these, but it's too hard to think, hold Toby who is having noisy happy dreams in my lap, and type one-handed. We did all get out for a walk where my dad pointed out that we can literally say Toby's ass is in a sling. And who could argue with that?

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