Thursday, June 29, 2006

Victoria's Secret is not my friend

... because I HATE the way they put life-sized soft porn pictures right there in the middle of the mall. I also don't really like their stuff.

But the breastfeeding community needs to get a grip: they are organizing a nationwide nurse-in in response to two stupid employee mistakes for which Victoria's Secret has officially apologized.

I wrote the organizers this, but I doubt it will matter:

I just wanted to remind you that there already IS a law protecting both of those women; a STATE law, which is where this issue should be handled, and which is now on the books in nearly every state. Harassing business owners no matter how mistaken they may have been, is not the way to gain support for your (already legally protected) rights.

I'm a nursing mom, too, and am all about rights for breastfeeding moms. However, I was surprised and disappointed that the moms in this story would ask to occupy a dressing room to breastfeed. Why could they not feed their children in the store? In one of the stories it sounded like the manager was hassling them for that- obviously illegal and rude behavior on VS's part for which the apology was well deserved. However, I don't think breastfeeding gives a mom the right to take up a dressing room (or restaurant booth for that matter) with no intention of buying anything. Victoria's Secret is almost always in a mall, where there is likely to be a bench provided.

If this nurse-in is truly about the desire for a change in legislation, why not take it to legislators rather than to employees of an unrelated business? If it is about educating business owners about breastfeeding rights, again, that's a matter of government business- not a job for a lingerie shop.

I would have joined you if the logic behind this were clear. Please reconsider your tactics and adjust them to match your desired outcome.

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