Tuesday, August 22, 2006


My friend is having a really hard time right now. Remember that first friend I made where we had Starbucks together and the world began to revolve again for me right there at the Mall? She has two little girls and the elder is having a seriously tough time keeping it together. Her marriage is strained (I don't know him), and I don't know if there is anything to say that won't just be ridiculous.

The girl seems to me to have classic OCD. She's got some repetitive compulsions and wild sensitivity to anything she considers out of whack in her environment. When she's calm she is sweet and engaging- she's four.

Pray for her, or if you don't play that way then round up the good juju as my other friend says, whatever works for you.

How do you people stomach chicken? I threw out four breasts last night that had been open in the fridge for a few days and by early afternoon today I thought perhaps I was going to have to call the feds. I totally retched- and I am not a retcher. That smell- how can a smell encompass slime and just be so sweetly wrong? Seriously, you eat that? Nast.

I've been sewing. I made sheets for these two pack n' plays we just got off Craigslist. Why mess with a crib when he's been playard-ing it thus far? We figure we can put him in an actual bed in a few years, just skip the crib all together. No danger of falling out, no slats to get stuck between.

By the way, I am a sucker. When the chick yesterday said she was selling for a single mom I totally believed her and felt guilty for getting it for five dollars less. Retarded. Craiglist is like a garage sale, you gotta put an extra couple bucks in the price to bargain with, right? They didn't have to say yes, right? I'm not totally evil, right? Do you think she's eating beans from a can while we went to Red Robin tonight and I even had a beer while my husband held the child like a damned Rockwellian fling?

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