Thursday, August 24, 2006

the great deride

There's this one mom I know with a 20-month-old boy I had in passing (out of earshot, of course) called the Monster. I'm bad, and it will certainly come back to get me, so don't hate on me now. I saw the mom/Monster today and they were in Jekyl mode. (It's Hyde that's the scary, right?) She was smart and funny and paid attention when the boy was boisterous so he wouldn't become insufferable. His nose was cleaner this time, too.

It's so easy to look at other parents and deride like you've never derided before.

Sometimes I worry that my careful parenting is approximately 85% for show. If I knew no one could see, they wouldn't be able to tell, would I be feeding him frosting from a can, loaning him the barbeque tools for entertainment and heading off to soak in the tub with a bowl of martini, dry with extra olives?

He's not old enough for me to be petty with him, so I guess it just comes out when I get busy comparing myself with his friends' moms.

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