Friday, August 18, 2006

The hahaha continues.

One of the comics on Sirius radio says there is NOthing more boring than listening to somebody's dreams.

You have really strange dreams when you have to feed and/or change some one at midnight, 4am, 6am (we let him cry that one out), 7:20am, and 8am. He did go back down and is just now (9:39am) starting his day with a nice set of raspberries and Ahhhhhhhhhggghhhh's. Happy baby has returned. For good. I'm sure now that he's practically seven months old we have all our sleep disturbances behind us. Uh-HUH!

I dreamt of being pregnant again and I was in a touring orchestra but we had to solve some kind of mystery and there were only two other players on my side. It was very cloak and dagger- and I think we were in Anchorage, but it had tunnels like Paris.

I also dreamt of being on a long bike tour- like across Brazil. J had his little shorts on so I was happy.

The last few minutes of dreaming involved strange mixes of reality where I would dream that Toby was falling back asleep.

Might as well dream big, right?

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