Saturday, August 19, 2006

Salem ho.

This isn't my image, but it gives you the idea.

There is a certain slant of the trees on the drive down to Salem, part of the trip where I start to feel particularly relaxed. My parents are just far enough away that nostalgic road-trippiness sets in. It's like that point in a workout where you're thinking louder than your body can complain, like a ripening.

Today at pretty much exactly that moment (somewhere near Brooks) there was an enormous flock of starlings over I-5. It looked like a screen-saver; "undulating" came to mind. They're a nuisance animal, but it was striking. The variety of shapes and opacities- it was a great swath of sheer black fabric.

In just the same spot on another trip I saw a funnel cloud of straw bits twist four stories over the semi's (tractor-trailors to you easties) below.

While we're chatting about my own personal Bermuda triangle, here's a picture of something magically cutilicious in a hat on a boat in Montana.

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