Thursday, May 18, 2006

Book Drive

This morning after dropping J off at work, Toby and I saw the saddest sight on the highway. Sadder even than the time there was a cop car chasing some kind of animal (deer? great dane?) slowly down the freeway, three lanes of cars crawling along behind.

Some one dumped a load of hardback books all over I-5 today.

The remainder of the morning I came up with scenarios for how they came to their 10-mile long fluttering demise. Could be a graduate fed up with the years of studying gleefully littered in the small hours of the morning; or a Powell's Books delivery truck rambled along too fast on the bridge above the freeway, toppling precious bon mots to the lanes below; or Luftansa freight forgot to secure a mailbag full of primers for orphans. In any case, it just seemed so banal- such a waste. Unless it was the Book of Mormon or something, but still. Hardbacks!

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