Thursday, May 25, 2006

Minivan convention

I thought the gym would be deserted at 9am. I thought everyone else in the world would be at work and I would have my favorite equipment all to myself. I thought WRONG.

There were thousands of wildly motivated, serious mom-types there. So many with upscale just-so ponytails and matchy-matchy workout wear that there were only two treadmills open despite the two full aerobics and spinning classes.

You would have thought the Kidsworld was holding a rodeo. I glanced past Tobias' room (nine infants there) to the toddlers just in time to see a little flock swirl past led by a wirey shirtless heart breaker- Toby in a few years?

The nannies love T because he's such a calm kid just now. My favorite lady said he just liked watching all the chaos from the play pad today. "He laughs so easily. He's such a good baby." Why yes, yes he is. Clearly, we should pay some one of such insight much much more.

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