Friday, May 05, 2006

Help me out here!!!

Last time I made a request to you, Internet, you came up with some excellent reading material. I bought a bunch and have read about 5.2% thus far. But hey- that leaves me with lots of things to do when I need to do things.

Now I have a new request. I have asked BD this a bunch of times, but I'm going to pester once again anyway:

What are you listening to lately? I need new music. Genre is unimportant. Anything, just some new stuff to hear.

Is it just me or does most of anything on the radio leave the innocent listener unsatisfied? Excepting the kick-ass classical station here, I can't find anything decent. It's been that or talk radio- and Tobias has a strong preference for the classical. Seeing as it is usually just he and I in the car, the radio has helped fill certain gaps in the conversation.

So PLEASE, it doesn't have to be New Music- anything you've been grooving to lately would be most appreciated.

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