Monday, May 08, 2006

I like it a LOT.

I happily bought eastmountainsouth, Jack Johnson, and Rocco DeLuca. I am in lust with I-Tunes and plan to take over the world from within its vast infrastructure. More suggestions, I so love them.

Today was brilliant. I had a coffee/mall date with my one Friend, lunch with the hottest guy in two hemispheres, and Toby had such a great time at the gym. There were two chicks playing with him when I checked the monitor and he was sleeping when I picked him up. One of them said he kept laughing with her.

Tonight feeding him while putting him to bed, he kept looking up at me like, Are you still here? Then laughing. Last night as well, he also giggled and pbltpblt'ed himself to sleep.

We have it so good.

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