Saturday, May 13, 2006

We live here, we do.

Today started out exactly perfect. We slept in, by which I mean that the one of us who hasn't grown any teeth yet woke up laughing and decided he and I should hang out downstairs for an hour before getting in another little stolen bit of shut-eye. Once we really got up, we took off on a run with the super high-tech Trek baby jogger. Toblerone donned his sweet blue miami-grandpa hat and rock star guitar look. I noticed some of the lady runners twittering and swooning- we tried not to endanger any of them too much by keeping the shade pulled over his Ridiculously Tobyness.

We went down the hill (it is a real hill, first gear in the Honda like living in San Fran) past the French school's Saturday market and over to the trail along the river. There are always sailboats, hawks and herons. Looking out over the river under the squint-worthy blue, I realized it. We LIVE here. We are locals. I always wondered which part of the NW I would have to settle for. Ha HA! Turns out I got the golden ticket.

We barbequed, we picked up moderately crappy free metal shelves, we found a store with the brand of Japanese plum wine I love above all others.

I still (seriously) have some work to do on the Hello, I'm a stereotypical lonely-tired-busy-nutty new mom thing, and I might need to take a hit out on our neighbors' dog, but I do LOVE this town.

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