Monday, May 15, 2006

Check it.

Here's some good readin'- I am enjoying the eentahrnet of late as a nice diversion as Toby had shots and is alternating between mellow and supersonic baby. He's all like, Thanks, Mama, for protecting me from them deadly epidemics- I love you and will gaze sweetly giggling into your eyes now. OR! Yo, beeyatch- here's a 4-wipe diaper and a crying jag to peel paint off the wall as payback for the needles.

You'll have to copy and paste the addresses if you're into that because I'm lazy.
1) Plastic super-heroes doing Yoga:

2) Hilarious talented writer chick (who does drop the f-bomb like it's the blitzkreig, but I swear it's justified, beautiful use of the lingua franca):

3) If this is the "top-selling artist" in the united states, then the world is and should be coming to an END.
Ohhhhhhh noooooooooo.!=A&ID=759

4) In this week's Willamette Weekly, I found the best description of the latest action flick we just had to see. "...In a film overflowing with special effects, none seem more special than Cruise's ability to get misty-eyed on command for no apparent reason. For a super-agent out to save the world, Ethan Hunt is a crybaby bitch boy. Mission: Impossible III is more entertaining than it is bad, but also more stupid than it is good."

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