Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The American Imperitave

My sister is about to take a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands, which she very hiply refers to as "BVI" because she is in the know and has rad boat-captain friends. (HI, John!) She even tried to take me along, and I would be all over that except for getting knocked up lo these 21 months ago. And also except for having bought my viola-by-mercedes which I am totally in lust with still.
Ahhhh, geek lust + student loans= no regard for mooolah whatsoever.

A-nyway. We have been shopping for two days now and can I just say, spending other people's money totally turns me on. Give me something to search out and I will so go all over town to four different malls with you to find it. J would wither and die a painful slow death, but me I'm right there in the dressing room putting the clothes back on their hangars and negotiating the perpetually crabby anti-theft woman posted at the door with her pointless number cards, insulting 6-item limit and her skeptical eye. Ha! I laugh at you, Marshalls- I scoff, TJMaxx- we will find the best of everything for cheap and leave having won against the house. The American Dream lives in the strip mall of today. Bring me your Corporacoffee, your random shoe conglomerate, your discounter of designer goods. I will vanquish, emerge with the $5 shirt, $8 skirt, the shoes for $4.99.

Take me. Take me shopping with you. I'll buy the coffee, I'll even drive.

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