Wednesday, January 31, 2007

FAMEfamefame fame..... FAME!

Because I'm concerned my coolness might intimidate my husband, I've been reading more of the Viola Listserve posts and taking a preliminary interest in viola society stuff. Just to, y'know, take the edge off.

Today on the Viola list somebody posted the Rebecca Clarke society newsletter. As you undoubtedly know, she's the modern (d. 1979) American violist/composer we obsessively love because she wrote pretty things for us to play. I like the Sonata because it sounds harder than it is. A lot of great viola music is the opposite; it should sound elegant, but is freaking hard. (See Schubert, Mozart, Stamitz, Brahms ((geeze, the E-flat!)), and anything written by anyone for a school orchestration assignment ever). It's not that I mind working hard, in fact I rather dig the triumph, it's just that I like sometimes not. As goes the viola, so goes the grammar and spelling... siiiigh.

So this newsletter, I went and took a look because there was promise of a Rebecca Clarke Recipe!

All this made me realize I have another secret to share, a particularly embarassing one. Sometimes as I go about the mundane tasks of the day, I'll wonder what would happen if I became insanely famous. For example, would the recipe I jot on a thank-you note to some friend become a treasure? Will the way I organize my pantry be emulated? Could the stack of books in my nightstand become recommended reading for the youth of America in hopes they too will accomplish feats as beneficial to the world as yours truly's?

So seeing that some society (albeit one hard-up for material as "copyright law has been invoked") has not only formed to study and disseminate the Clarke love, but they have, indeed, publicly fawned over a jotted note.

Moral: it could happen.

Here's the recipe~ you know I had to put it here, because it proves possible my own megalonarcissistic delusion. Yum!
Rebecca Clarke's Corn Pudding
Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a fire-proof dish. Swish it round so as to grease the sides & bottom of the dish. Beat 2 eggs in a bowl; add 1 can cream-style corn & the melted butter. Salt & pepper. That's all. Bake in a moderate oven about 30 minutes in the fireproof dish. (Of course if you feel like it you can add a little chopped onion, cooked in the butter; or a little chopped pimento; or both. Good- but not necessary- the one I gave you the other evening didn't have either. But sometimes it's fun to try experiments.)

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