Friday, January 12, 2007

If you love something...[updated!]

...lose it for a few days. Get fuzzy on the details of the last place it was seen (lpiws), which you will daydream about as you obsess on trying to figure it out. If it's truly yours... home insurance might cover it?

The lpiws for my lost item seems to be my Aumsville, though searchers in the area report no signs thereof.

It's too horrible to tell you what I can't find, internet.
Let me tell you.

I finally got an iPod, from j for Chistmas- he's an accomplished gifter, generous huh. It was the red one so I have something to whip out and bond over when Bono asks me to record with U2. I put the shiny red iPod in its neat plastic case in my camera case. Where my camera and 3 lenses and a flash unit also live.

And...(excuse me while I fashion a flog from kitchen utensils and get to work on my back) some of...(thwack-AHHHH, thwack-AHHHH) Toby's Christmas cash that was supposed to be his first investment.

Yes, that's right. I appear to have lost my infant son's entire life savings along with my photos of his first Christmas on earth. In addition to the tidy mountain of other important and dear stuff crammed into that missing case.

I am posting this because a part of me is hoping that will make the case show up (thwack..thwack) like, tomorrow. Like magic, wholesome Christian internet magic.


See? It's a flog camera...

And I found it in the back of a closet we already searched twice. I FOUND IT! Halleluja abracadabra.

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