Monday, January 08, 2007


Toby and I were parking downtown today when a funny thing happened. I put my signal on & very slowly pulled up alongside the spot. I started to turn & back in, but noticed a Honda SUV had pulled up too closely behind me, so I honked lightly.

The guy looked sheepish, did that friendly wave thing and started to back up, surprising a bicyclist stopped close alongside his back bumper. The biker pulled his handlebars out of the way and no one was hurt. The driver gave him the sorry wave, too.

Here's where I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry:
The biker spat on the car.

Ewwww, no? And also, the car guy didn't like, fly backward at 50 miles per hour or anything. It just seemed like such a nasty violentesque thing to do. I'm not sure the other driver noticed, though he did pause for a sec before driving off and I was afraid I was going to witness a fight. That would have bummed me out- I didn't have a camera.

Seriously though, I wondered what J would do if he saw somebody spit on the Jeep, what my dad would do. I have never really gotten the whole urge-to-spit thing. I understand what it signifies in movies and such, but when they add that to a scene I'm always momentarily pulled out of the story to think, "oh, that actor just spit on that other actor's face. Ew. Wonder if they get hazard pay for that, or if there's a stunt spit-reciever..." And I swear I'm normally quite good at suspending disbelief. I liked the Matrix part three, for pete's sake.

People are wierd. And full of fluids.
Why not let's all just keep them to ourselves now, mmkay?

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