Sunday, January 28, 2007

A lissst. A list. A-list.

I love when people come to visit because it's a great catalyst for me to get stuff done around the house. Plus, I suppose the visiting is kinda nice.

This mood takes me before big performances or auditions, too. In Baltimore I painted my apartment kitchen a seriously bright red before my first orchestra audition and that apartment had 14 foot ceilings. Simon didn't like me being so far up a ladder, so he sat whining to make clear to me his displeasure. He was that way about swings, too, but louder.

Anyway, I really like this manic-ish slightly caffeinated feeling.

Here's what I've got on my list before Wednesday:
1. Oh how I love a good list. Making one is an accomplishment, no?
2. Paint the guest bedroom Behr Caramel Sunday. I think I should have bought that $5 can of Cranberry Fizz oops paint at Home Despot for our bedroom. What a steal- I love the oops paint shelves. The only drawback to doing some painting is when your neck gets a horrible crick in it for like four days in a row. Owowowow.
3. Finish the guest bedroom throw pillows. Sewing makes me feel so adult. Maybe because fabric is crazy expensive.
4. Move the rugs even though J doesn't want me to. He'll like it, I bet. He's sick today, the poor thing. I can't decide if it's good or bad that it happened on the weekend. But it is, in general, very bad.
5. Move the bookcase & fill it with delicious books.
6. Hang the neat curve-outy shower rod in the guest bathroom so we become known as the Marriot to potentially visiting friends. Because that little curve will show them how posh we are and just how far we'll go to make sure they fell obligated to change a few diapers while they're here.
7. Introduce squash and chicken to Toby. Maybe mints. Definitely air freshener.
8. Paint toy box for the living room. My great-grandpa made it. Rad.

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