Tuesday, January 16, 2007


First, let me say that I would never want to be a weatherman. Ever. I did love the movie, though.

Then, let me show you the forcast for today:

Now, let's see what apocalyptic event has befallen Portland.

The police are going about on ATVs. ODOT is trying to *require* chains for 3 inches of accumulation. I just watched a weatherman brush the snow off a big... rock. He himself admitted it was the dumbest thing ever shown on television. Then he made a snow angel. And I stared, slackjawed, at every single second of his broadcast. I hope nobody gets hurt, but I am LOVING this. Except that the symphony cancelled rehearsal, and my parents are missing crucial Toby-spoiling time. But otherwise, warm up the Tivo, cook up some pizza, let's get 24 on tap. I missed Jack for last night's rehearsal: thank you, snow snow snow.

**Can you beLIEVE these first two nights of 24? How could I have missed the first 4 seasons of this show? Don't you want to marry TiVo and have its children? (Its children are box set dvds of 24, Six Feet Under and Heroes.)

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