Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My baby is a carnivore.

Not this baby, silly.

... that one.

I drove a half-hour into the Columbia River Gorge to Damian Dlugolecki's place and got my second viola all gutted up. Mmmm, cow parts. I was prepared for the studio to smell just a little, but it didn't at all. Maybe a bit intellectual- it had the scent of education to it. Booky, with a hint of electronics dust and a pinch of journal ink, know what I mean?

Preliminary report: It sounds neat. A titch fuzzy, but very direct and throaty, too. So now all that's left is to get a whole bunch of seriously historically imaginative and conscientious gigs. Maybe also some Birkenstocks.

And then?! World domination.

You can all say you were there the very day it happened.


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