Thursday, February 22, 2007


So the other day, we drove to Sauvie Island. We got out the jogging stroller (much more of a pain than our tiny backpack stroller) and bundled the kid and arranged both our cameras about our persons. Then we walked over to the trailhead and started taking pictures. THEN we noticed the big closed gate and this enormous red sign announcing our candidacy for village idiots. See, the picture's not out of focus; just like me, it's centered on the friendlier brown sign in the background. Heh. We want to live on Sauvie Island, but we'll need it to move a little further south to be closer to my Aumsville practice retreat.

Toby's got it so sweet there with the grandparents- his entire body pretty much lights on fire when he sees them. I am but a conveyance to him, and we're going there today.

See you tomorrow!

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