Monday, February 26, 2007


We watched part of the Oscars last night, or at least we watched the first section of it before Tivo pronounced it complete and failed to catch the last hour. These are the dark ages of that technology, right? Soon it will just download our whims and guilty pleasures directly from our iMedula (tm) in order to serve and control us better. Ahh, technology.

Since J had work to do and I wanted to work on Toby's first years journal anyway we poured a couple glasses of nice Merlot and settled in to watch. Toby insisted on a wine glass, too, but we only had one bottle of wine so he had milk. Oh I know, we're spoiling him and setting him up for a lifetime of addiction to vapid startlets proving how taxing it is to utter only words provided by a glowing LCD screen nestled among the foot lights in bajillion dollar get-ups made entirely of Swarovski crystal. But what the hell- he's our first.

Usually I hate the pat-on-the-back shows and celebrity crap in general (look at me, I'm pleasantly shaped!), but I thought this year it had more of an artsy focus. I had also missed about 70% of the shows even nominated, so it was nice to get some viewing ideas.

I loved that they feted Morricone and how sweeet his speech was. Also, he did the score for Cinema Paradiso which is another required film that J has NEVER seen. This necessitated a quick jaunt to Best Bribe, and allowed me to later fast forward through Celine Dion's freakishness entirely. Man, I try not to hate anyone, but...

So if you're feeling carpy (GET IT? Oscar fish, Carpy?!?!?!) you should read this blog in general, but especially for the red carpet reports.

Today I'm in a skirt by TJ Maxx with adornment by Gerber Firstfoods and my haircolor is provided by L'Oreal Feria, though it's a work in progress. I'm not showing you until I get rid of the Raggedy-Ann as streetwalker red. It looked a little higher-brow on the box, is all I'm saying.

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