Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tobias and the Broccoli

Just another quiet morning on a quiet street in suburban Anywhere...

Toby- Fee Fi Foh Fum! I smell broccoli and bananas. Yum.

Banana- "Aw, man. I never get picked first for anything. Stupid colorful tree-lookin' broccoli."

"Noooooooo! Not the dismembery ripping! I thought this was to be a noble death, with rebirth as this psycho dude's cheek fat. But this... is worse than being steamed. This is NOT cool."

Broccoli- "AAaaaaaaiiiiiiiiieieeeeeeeeeee....."

Toby- "Hello Clarice- er, Banana."

Ghosts of Banana and Broccoli in Unison- "We'll get you in the end. Let's just say your waste removal crew is doomed. DOooOMed."

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