Friday, August 29, 2014

Jet lagged toddler gone wild

It's 6am and we've been up for 4 hours. Primrose has expressed that she is not interested in sleeping. I've donated a whole packet of document marker tab thingies to the cause because it's kept her occupied for 48 minutes. She's very excited about everything and has mentioned that she would prefer to go upstairs and wake up the boys. I was going to look up the Mandarin for "they are sleeping" but then thought that might just encourage her to go remedy that situation. She's a go-getter that way.

I'm waiting for her to wind down so I can sleep again. It will probably happen in 2018 or so. We picked up her cold and the whole other side of the world time change is making for some hefty jet lag. My head feels dried out inside.

She's dumping out dice from our homeschool stuff and putting them back. (Most of them.) She also dumped out our plastic counting cookies, half of our food storage, and a bunch of other stuff. It's fun to watch her unpack the house. It will be even more fun when I've finished unpacking our luggage and my head stops throbbing, and when her playmates are up.

Did you realize 3M makes such awesome toddler toys? 

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