Monday, August 04, 2014

Single Digits!!!

We leave in nine days. Niiine Days.

Here are some of the things that simmer at the back of my mind as we prepare to meet our daughter in China:

Who sponsored her surgery at 3 days old? (Thank you is insufficient. I would like to ugly cry all over them.)

What will it be like when we meet her?

How soon will she love the boys? (I swear they love her already.)

Did she go straight to the foster home or spend time in the orphanage at any point?

How did she get pneumonia at 2 months old? Does she have other respiratory problems?

What's missing from her medical report?

What does her skin feel like? Does she still have sweet baby smell (at 18 months)?

Will she like having her feet rubbed and her hair tousled?

Does she prefer stuffed animals or dolls?

Will the tulle on all the tutus I'm going to put her in annoy her?

Will she be able to overcome her annoyance at us in her tween years enough to enjoy all the long road trips we plan to inflict on her?

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