Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The lame kind of travel

Guangzhou's train station
Well, we made it to Hong Kong. It was a very long hot boring dumb travel day. I will not rehash the boring details, but can tell you I laughed out loud when I reread my previous post which said we "take a train and then arrive at the hotel" or some such. Between those two events there was a shuttle bus and another train and a long walk with a sleeping baby in the carrier because the stroller just didn't cut it.

I think Primrose was a bit further traumatized by our travel at first. She probably thought we lived in the hotel in Wuhan, and then the one in Guangzhou, and when we packed up there today she was definitely a bit confused with all these major transitions. I could even say she was agitated, getting a bit demanding at breakfast, feisty with the other kids while we waited for the group picture and then again while we waited for her visa to arrive.

By the time we were on the train, however, she had leveled right out.

Look at the difference.

Here she is on that sad first day together, just two hours after meeting us in Wuhan:

And after ten days with us (turn down your volume and back away from your computer):

There is so much awesome packed into this one kid. I can't wait to unleash her on America.

Holy frijoles, we're on another train?!?!
Mama, what is with you people and trains?

Start of our ride.

End of the ride.

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