Thursday, August 28, 2014

Travel complete! Game over, she is the champion!

We are home.
Hong Kong airport check-in. 6am. 
She only really did this once.
We thought she would sleep more on the second flight.

Everything is a toy when you're trying to avoid the screaming.
Primrose was a rock star, traveling pretty much two days straight.

Immigration in Portland was the worst, though, and it finally broke her. She cried for a good little while and I was worried she would want nothing to do with the family when we were finally released. It was really frustrating to have it take so long. They said they are "really understaffed", which I find a little embarrassing. It was the longest wait by far of the five we went through on this trip.

Thankfully, she had perked up a bit and started out so well with her brothers. She threw her dolly on the ground like 10 times for each of them to pick up, and I saw the corner of a smile as they both went for it with a giggle. She was also already flirting with my mom.

We have zero pictures of all the cuteness. My brain by then had dried up into a shriveled sleep-deprived airplane-tired walnut and as predicted I started crying when I saw the boys and brought her to them. You'll just have to take my word for it, it was one of the best moments of our whole life as a family.

Primrose fell asleep in the car despite 6 other people chatting away with excitement. She went down for a nap right away, and the boys have been asking fairly regularly since then if we can wake her up yet.

She whipped up a quick meal for us between drink services. 

Airplane bed head

Finally in Portland! (See the famous carpet from PDX?)
This is about 30 minutes before the crying, and about 75 minutes before we were finally released. 
The sky is so blue, the shower felt sooooo good, and I finally smell like myself. As soon as the world stops spinning from jet lag and exhaustion, I am sure we'll have fun showing Beaverton to its newest resident.

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