Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Level up... final level.

We completed our last level in this Chinese Adoption Challenge EX 2014. The Embassy went very well. A little boring, with an atmosphere made of 20% James Bond and 80% DMV, but everything approved. I think Primrose thought it was a too-long play date for newly adopted friends in a kind of lame play area with lots of glass walls and a gray stone floor and not enough toys.

Here is my gorgeous gal getting ready for naptime with her hankie-sized soothie blanket.

Tomorrow our guides pick up our Visa packets, meet us in the hotel lobby with them and we leave for our pre-flight night in a Hong Kong hotel attached to the airport. Then we get up a bit early, schlep to the airport and head out! Lunch layover in Tokyo... on to Portland.

When she is admitted through immigration to the US in PDX, one Ms. Primrose Ward will be a citizen. I will cry, unless I'm distracted because she's throwing a tantrum or throwing up. One year old... gotta keep the bases covered.

Here's the star herself. It's considered a selfie when you're one year old even if your mama takes the video. She is saying "That's YOU!" at the beginning.

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  1. The noodle one made me hungry for carbs. Ugh. Mean. :0) Otherwise adorable little sweet Eastern girl.


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