Saturday, August 02, 2014

Porch Update

Today was glorious, and it was all thanks to the fantastic porch-over of 2014 (yes, I just linked to the post written like two days before this one). Shall I show you why?


We made fire! And ripped out ugly plants, revealing an even uglier Rubbermaid Tub!
The next part... you won't believe. We had a real live adult over. With wine and veggie burgers and everything. Sure, we sat around wrangling quickbooks for our music academy and she's taking over the reigns for the two weeks we're in China. She may work with us, but paying our friends to come over isn't wrong or I don't want to be right.

Yesterday they just wanted to be left out here to hang
out, eat peaches and read Calvin & Hobbes. 
In short, having an extra room has been pretty sweet. I have to say that the $200+ we spent putting it together has been worth it. Just think- it's been 90 or hotter for weeks now, my fluorescent pale family has spent hours outside, and no one is blistered! Win, win, win.

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