Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our afternoon in Hong Kong with pictures!

No good travelogue would be complete without lots and lots of food pictures, right?

So tonight we went to one of the shopping streets and tried to find the alleys locals seemed to be crowding. After meandering a little and choosing at least one path so crowded I finally turned back, we happened on a Dim Sum place down a half hidden staircase.

There was very little English on the menu and the waitress was dismissive, so we figured it must be good.

That basket in the front middle was a black truffle shrimp dumpling.
It was my favorite, though I really liked everything. 

The dumpling shells have this lovely shape to them with ripples.
... and they are really light both in
texture and flavor.

The aftermath...

We decided to walk back to the hotel and along the way we found more interesting stuff. I thought I should elaborate on the horrible things sold in those Chinese medicine shops, so I snapped a few pics with my phone.

Sheep placenta... kinda ew. Kangaroo essence seems sad. 

Baby seals? Would it be less sad than grown ones? 

Made with human children? That's just so wrong. 
See? The things they'll put in powders and oils. It's just tragic, I tell you.

Okay, one more weird thing. We live in Portland, which prides itself on weirdness and enjoys a good event flyer as often as it can. However, this stopped me in my tracks and I have no words.

What exactly would they joke about? Why are there ghosts?
Why is Obama buck-toothed?
What did I ever do to that flipping-me-off guy?
This morning I saw a huge jewelry designer poster ad with Michelle Obama. I can only hope she wasn't paid for it and it was just a public photo.

Right then, we're off to lay around watching TV in the hotel bed. Tomorrow is an early morning and a long day with a train to Guangzhou around 8am, a transfer to a distant station and another from there to Wuhan, arriving around 6:30pm. I've got my fingers crossed for wifi on the train, but who knows.

Tomorrow we see what mainland China is like, and meet our daughter the next morning.

The next time we're in Hong Kong we'll have her with us.

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