Saturday, June 24, 2006

Day at the Beach

His Tobiasness's first solid food? Sand!

Today was warm and beautiful. We drove to the coast and talked all day, about building friendships from scratch, mommy cliques, idiot drivers, Sirius radio (my new lover) and dream homes. Oh, and beer, oysters & sunscreen. I love the Oregon coast.

The water was still bone-hurting cold but the air was hot so we braved it for a bit. Every time I leaned down to let Toby's feet dangle in the water he retracted them indignantly and became very quiet. Please don't do that again, harlot.

He giggled, caterwalled, and crowed like he does at dinner. We were seated outside at a pub and no one seemed to mind- luckily even his Pete Townshend shrieks (one of his favorite skills) weren't given the evil eye.

I love this pic because it makes me look skinnier than I am. I'll have to tip that photographer extra...

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