Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hi! My name is Miriam/Tobias.

I was getting such lovely ego stroking from those comments, I just couldn't bring myself to put up another post and watch it slither down the page into obscurity.

Tobias and I have successfully insinuated ourselves in the library Book Babies mama clique. As a matter of fact, we instigated a post-class coffee time all on our own, and amassed a large and diverse group. Most of these insurgents were new to the Hillsdale BB, two of them were even male which made us all chatty and broke the Us vs. Them spell. Plus, to a guy I am apparently an expert even when their child's older. They asked ME questions!!

I really thought this whole bitchy mom syndrome was something made up by writers without enough drama in their lives. And I think for the most part it's not entirely real deep. The problem is that I have been assuming that just because I have one thing in common with these women they would become Friendly. I forgot that these were the same people I went to high school with, lived in dorms with, flipped off on the highway (mentally, of course). Just because we are all formerly pregnant and desparate for outings doesn't mean we will bond efficently.

One of them, whom I have dubbed the Head Vampire, has created a calendar of things to do on nearly every weekday of every month. I was informed about but not let in on said schedule. She is actually the sportiest of the sporty moms and when I asked her a mommy question she all but rolled her eyes. Her kid was biting her shoulder while simultaneously pulling her hair and pinching her boob, so it didn't really bother me at the time. Whatev. She's probably peachy but I'm feeling a bit skittish lately in regard to the momfriends.

Getting in the Jeep and BBBRRRRRRRR-ing away with my radio lover is helpful, though. Twelve, 12! presets are not enough for you, oh Sirius my sweet sweetness. If only you had a baby and liked coffee dates.

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