Thursday, June 08, 2006

Swaddlers Anonymous

So if you don't hear from me for a while it may be that I have hopped in the car and driven to Nantucket to escape the Kid Who Wouldn't Sleep. He's just too big for the swaddle and he likes access to his fingers and he wouldn't stay asleep tonight after going down easy like he usually does. He was making this pathetic grunty noise while writhing like a mental case in a straight jacket, and I just couldn't do it one minute longer.

Be afraid.


I was transported back to junior high today. It was mostly my fault- I wore impractical shoes with a flouncy skirt to a baby Story Time at the library where everyone else got the memo to dress as Sports Mom. So there's Linda-Hamilton-Arms sitting across from me while Teensy-Gymnast and Olympic-Runner-Tracksuit-Mom struck up a conversation about the pleasures of a child who can sit up. Every single child (no kidding) was wearing Robeez shoes for kids, except Tobias who was displaying his bare foot Montanan roots.

It's all about the shoes, see. I had too much, he too little.

The sing-songy library instructor lady came over to chat with me (Pity pity pity) at least three separate times. It was bad.

I'm going back, though- Toby seemed to like it. He even shared a block with Teensy-Gymnast's little girl, handing it back and forth. That kind of genius can't be ignored. I'll have to suit up next time. I just can't decide if I want to be Spinning-Class-Butt or Sleek-Swimmer-Torso mom. Wonder if they'll go for Former-Gym-Regular-with-a-Brownie-Habit?

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