Thursday, June 22, 2006

Keep Portland Wierd

That's a popular bumper sticker 'round here.

In the last day I've seen two men working hard to do just that. Each was waiting at a bus stop in nice neighborhoods on busy streets.

The first was doin' a dance, with a long flowy fabric thingy over most of his head. He appeared to be wearing both jeans and a burka-esque dealy. The dance involved lots of emu movements and his hands dangling down from flailing wrists over his head. I gave him a happy little honk.

The second had his shirt on a freshly plucked tree branch slung over his continental shoulder. I think it was a Huck Finn reference. Very PDX.

Do you think they just sat, docile, on the bus when it came? Wonder if the drivers even blinked.

Keep it up, boys.

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