Friday, June 02, 2006


Why, it's more thigh! More than the eye can behold in one go- you would need the Matrix camera trick to fully appreciate exactly what I have going on heeya.

So I've been considering adjusting my dietary intake. I considered it at Red Robin today with Tobias, where for some reason I thought I better order a substantial lunch because I was subjecting them (a family restaurant with kid's menu crayons) to... an infant! I considered it further when, approximately one hour after RR, I needed a frozen coffee drink buhbuhbuh bad. Tonight at the Rose Festival I considered selling one of Toby's limbs (don't worry, just an arm or something) if it would buy me an elephant ear since we had no cash and are too cheap to use ATMs with extortion fees included.

I am always hungry- not just snack hungry. Meal hungry. With a salad and a beer hungry.
And a bag of chips.

I have heard the whole breastfeeding reasoning, the 9 months on/off excuse. But dewd. A normal (FORMERLY pregnant) appetite does NOT encompass half a tray of Rice Krispy treats in a single sad sticky sitting.

Maybe I'll go back to writing down everything. Maybe I'll check out South Beach. All this thinking... I'm famished, and I have half a bag of marshmallows left.

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