Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Verizon Unlimited Plan: $75, On-Call Grandparents: Priceless

So what would it cost to hire a service to:

1. babysit for 7 hours on last-minute notice
2. mow the lawn
3. chop out bunches of blackberry vine from the spider-infested steps up to our door
4. deliver a mountain of fresh-cut peonies WITH a vase
5. make a mechanic house-call to diagnose, purchase and replace two burnt headlights (Honda= 7, Us= 1)

My parents were generous before Tobias made the scene, but now they are unstoppable. If only we had grown us some littlins sooner.

Shall we even begin to describe our incredibly luxurious stay over MemDay weekend in Huntington Beach with the Jonathans? Can I just say, there is something positively sacred about room service when you have an infant? Not to mention beach access, hot tubs, drinks and meals beyond compare.

His unprecedented (and lets be honest- completely unanticipated) glory does make it somewhat easier to let them spoil us so spectacularly. Grazie!

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