Sunday, June 18, 2006

jeep jeep jeep jeep jEEEp

Happy Father's Day, my hands-down hottest muffin of studliness.

You really didn't have to buy a Jeep Liberty Diesel just to show me how you feel. It does make a nice gesture, though. If you're real nice I might even show you how to program the radio.

I love this car already. It's sort of a dark bluish green, and it makes me feel pretty tall, and it purrs and hums with a big-truck sound. And it's a DEEZLE. So y'know, gas mileage. Loooove. But really, the Brrrrrrrrrrrrr of it. Especially when you pull up to order a blended coffee and it echoes back off the brick building. Sweeter than the caramel we all know and love.

This is gonna be hard to top- for a first Father's Day, we did it up right.

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