Thursday, June 15, 2006

Every Kiss begins with Kay.

I got a wedding band that sparkles! SPARKles. It's for mother's day, our anniversary and for the fun fun feeling you get from impulse buying. I had a perfectly fine plain band, but always did want one with diamonds set in. Actually, they could have been glass as long as they sparkled. It has 12 stones and it was cheaper than I'da thought- about what that crib is at Target. Sorry, kid- Mommy's busy getting blingy.

A prong bent on my wedding ring. I swear I didn't know a trip to the mall jewelers would be so profitable for me. Had I known, I would have gotten out the pliers loooong ago, baby. Shiny.

You could pray for me for tomorrow. I have an ultrasound of my left boob for a lump there. Probably nothing scary, though J told me all the possible outcomes just so I could mull them over... and over... and over. Good thing I only have to think about it for one night, anyway. Maybe it's a pity ring. I'll take it.

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