Tuesday, June 07, 2005

All Hail the Little Sprocket!

Same hill, different day. I have not been this sweaty in perhaps my whole entire life. Still steep & long and slow, but God bless that third sprocket. It's 89 degrees, thankfully not much head wind.

So on Sunday we were listening to This American Life, a very cool radio show we like. Unfortunately, this week was about God and christians and evangelicals and faith. I was really disappointed in who they dragged out to represent. It was the usual; the exact wrong arguments about church-and-state, emotional pleas based on views that require faith on the part of the listener, etc. Click here to listen, but I would also advise listening to a bit of some of their other shows to get an idea of their usual level of savvitude.

The story at the end, about a woman losing her faith entirely after a run-in with some Mormons prompts her to explore the Bible (sound familiar?) has been on my mind all week. The advice and responses her priest gives her are horrific and sad. Her reasoning contains some common flaws, which I have heard intelligently debated by Ravi Zacharaius and Philip Yancey among others. (Also by... JESUS???)

Anyway, this show has really gotten stuck in my mind and I wonder about that woman. I could so easily see myself in her shoes, had I not met the people I did and read the things I found.

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