Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kohei's e-mails make me smile.

I just have to share. After all, I taught Kohei English- sort of. He and his twin brother Shimpei were far and above my favorite students in Japan. On one of my Mom's visits, we went all over Japan with them and they set us up in an actual traditional hot-springs inn. (Sometimes the ones listed in magazines for foreigners aren't really all that authentic, although they're always an experience. Big surprise there, right?)

The subject of the e-mail was "Shalom"- when I lived in Japan, I was more interested in Judaism than Christianity. Kohei and Shimpei are Christians and acted like it- they were cool cats.

Hello Miriam and Jonathan,

How are you getting along these days?
I hope you are doing quite well in U.S.

I am still working at administration office in prep school.
That is located at Shinjyuku in Tokyo.
Mainly my duty is deskwork it is little bit of painful.
People have a different personality or idea and there are so many
differences of opinion about other worker and me.
We are not synchronized. I hope we make a better relationship.
Progressive ideas are important and keep on living of business.
But they do not make any progress in the business.
I feel the company will bankrupt.
Do not worry, I am enjoying!

I hope to hear form you soon.
I hope that your family is still in good health!
Take care and God bless you!

I miss you,
Kohei Na.Love Koko Na-Love (My last name "Narabu", sounds like a "Na-Love". Is not it?)
{I have to add: "Ra-bu" is the Japanglish pronunciation of "love" and his last name is Narabu, so...and he picked up the nickname Koko in Ohio at language school.}

This flower was raised on Kohei. Miriam and Jonathan! Look. Pretty rose are

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