Saturday, June 18, 2005

Zzip away, go on now.

We are partway through week 11. That means the sicko nastitude will soon disappear like magic. Aaaany second now. Yep.

Actually, today was nice. It was a two-nap day, which right off the bat gives it a big advantage over the average day. Then I got to read some Bartok duets with another violist for a class we're doing on Monday night. It's called Music in Performance- well, no, actually it's called Clap for Credit. Mostly undergrads take it for a one-credit to round out their requirements, since the only requirement is to come to class and hear performances.

Monday is a viola day for them. I'm trying to think of a title. Perhaps, "Anything you can do, viola can do better?" Since we like to steal other instrument's repertoire, see.

We also played a wedding, trios with Suzanne and Karl. Playing with her makes gigs worthwhile. Also the money helps. Today they wanted Beach Boys and the Beatles, and it was cute. I'm losing my jaded classical veneer- soon I'll be suggesting Kenny G classics and the latest from Britney Spears.

Suzanne asked me how that whole rising up from the ground when Jesus comes works what with the idea of heaven. Do we wait, do we stay here with Him? I wasn't sure exactly what the deal is there, even though between us we came up with a bunch of verses, so I'm going to look it up.

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