Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Thump thump swoosh swoosh!

First Ultrasound! Posted by Hello

I have to say, making a pregnant person wait almost 30 minutes with an as-directed FULL bladder was a little toward the cruel end of the spectrum, but it was worth it.

The very first view was a face- on one and I think I saw little arm-buds and everything. The heart was flickering in the middle and other than that, there was indistinguishable blob-shaped goodness all over the place. In the preview (the one that required me to drink 36 ounces and then hold it for an hour before the appointment), she pointed to a huge black mass of death-star proportions and announced that THAT was my bladder. Cowering below it, almost smushed off the screen was my uterus and the tiny baby & its baggage.

How coooool, though! AND the best part was when she put the heart beat through the system's speakers, complete with one of those HAL-like squiggly sound-representation lines.

She said January 19th is the current estimate. Exactly 3 days after Tiffany (!), though these things are a ball park that encompases 2 weeks before and 2 after.

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