Monday, June 20, 2005

The Parable of the Talents

I have a talent for procrastination. Sheer talent, I tell you. I haven't done any of the five things I had lined up today. Looks like the only thing I'll really be getting done is napping and this class/performance thing tonight. Rachael used to say I have a talent for BS of the scholarly type. So that's two talents in one day- and I'm really hoping the chatty one holds true, since practicing was one of the five things left undone. I'll have to bob and weave.

Still haven't figured out the death-to-heaven timeline. J did point out more verses- like the thief on the cross being told he'd be with Christ in paradise immediately. Hmm. We went for a drive yesterday and in the tradition of my Gramma Johnson ended up in a beautiful little cemetary in Fitchburg. There were lots of neat old stones with dates hundreds of years back. It was a pretty spot, with shade trees and a meadow, but still- it seems to me that what happens to our physical bodies just can't be all that important. If we'll be restored to the earth when Christ comes back and fixes it up, then we must have been somewhere in between.

Maybe it's all a mix-up because of our inability to comprehend timelessness and eternity. Seems to goes hand in hand with the idea of boredom in heaven.

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