Saturday, June 25, 2005

Nuts, we're nutty.

Did you know I'm a little insane in the membrane? The following Gross things force me to count until they go away. The Yum things make my world go round and round in giddy little circles.

*I don't like yellow. The color of nausea. Lemonade is nice, though.
*Escalators are evil. If you can walk and not just resign yourself to the inexorability, then they are revised up to onerous.
*Mechanized dolls/yard deer/christmas crap is hideous. I think it could be outlawed, if I get the petition going- Madison likes to ban things, right? Automatons make all my stomach muscles tense up and my neck go prickly.
*Playing Canon at weddings.
*People who call me "little lady". Makes a person feel like neither.

*Ketchup, precious shining jewel of the condiment world.
*J has a dimple. Amen.
*The viola has a C-string. To be honest, it also has a G-string, but this ain't that kind of blog.
*Hotels and travel. (Minus the bedspreads and airplane smells.)
*Clementines, when their peel practically falls off and each slice melts.

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