Monday, June 13, 2005

Much better now...

... and hopefully that's okay. I felt much better yesterday and today. Yay! Still took an extensive and deep nap yesterday, and may again today. I mean, hey, no sense in pushing it, right?

Yesterday's sermon was good. Actually, the one sentence I remember is, "Your view of God is the most important thing about you."

Chris spoke on Psalm 18, which was cool. He talked about David's view of God and the nature of descriptive language in Jewish poetry forms. He also kept humming heroic music whenever God mounted Cherubin or rode in to save David's day.

On our sermon notes we had written funny stuff and now I can't find them. Mostly J just kept replying to my deep spiritual questions by writing, "...Uhhhhh."

We nearly had a meltdown afterward when we drove to 4 different eating establishments and each was closed. See, there was a soup requirement, which is by no means too much to ask, no? And then the one place that was still open and happy to take our money (unlike Atlanta Bread at 7:50, a FULL ten minutes pre-8pm) put... shudder...BACON on the lovely four-dollar bowl of clam chowder.

Have I mentioned that my husband is the kind of stud who will take a little styrofoam container back inside his favorite restaurant and complain that bacon (his favorite food in perhaps the entire universe) has sullied his little wifey's soup. All this despite there being sort of a pre-meltdown warmup in the car, not aimed at him so much but denting the dashboard with sheer decibel power a little just the same. Screeching can be such a release.

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