Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mr. Sandman...

...brought me a dream. Can I get a refund?

First we were all (j's side of the family) in an airplane, but we had to somehow sneak out of it once it landed in this big wierd airport where I think there were aliens maybe.

Then we were all (my side of the family) in the back of a pickup truck driving around in rural Montana. Auntie Carole was closing the back door on the camper thingy and we left her behind. I noticed this and screamed and yelled until Uncle Cliff (or Papa- they both seemed to be driving) finally turned back. When we found her, she said, "oh, Miriam- I knew it would be you who made them come back for me". I'm such a self-serving dreamer.

Then I was hugely pregnant and for some reason I was visiting an elementary school with my violinist friend Kangwon to teach the kids about music- but without our instruments. We went into this one classroom and the teacher kept talking about the song they were working on. Here's where it get's a little dicey. The title of the song was, "The Pretty F-ing Penguins". I tried to argue with the teacher and told him if I was a parent I'd be pretty ticked off. He said to the kids, "see, kids- some people are just not happy dolphins."

I woke up smiling at the insanity. Does swearing count in your sleep when it's some other guy doing it and you even take him up on it?? I'm still all righteous and pure and stuff, right??? It couldn't be that my mischievous brain had some F-bombs just dying to detonate. Ahem.

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